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  "Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge..."

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Remembering our dear daughter, Kerry Ann and all our furry friends who are no longer with us.

Always in our thoughts, forever in our hearts.


 "If memories and love can keep us together, then with each passing day we are closer than ever"



Kerry Ann - Leo - Rainbow Bridge




Ollie - 19th February 2009

 Ollie - 19th February - 2009

Little Ollie was only a few days old when he was found, alone, crying his little heart out; a tiny wet, soiled ball of fluff. 
We had two of the most wonderful years with him. Sadly he passed away during an operation after being very poorly, he was only 2 years old.

Miss you so much Ollie. Forever in our hearts. xx








Felix - Rainbow Bridge Felix - November 2009

Felix was only about 18 months old when he went missing in November 2009. We searched for him for many weeks and always hoped he would come home but he never did...

Miss you Felix. xx








Alfie - Rainbow BridgeAlfie - June 2010 

Alfie went missing in June 2010. We searched high and low for him. He didn't usually stray too far from home, so we knew something was wrong when he didn't come home. Sadly we never found him...

Miss you Alfie. xx






Georgia - Rainbow Bridge Georgia -July 2010

Georgia was 2 years old when she also went missing in July 2010. We couldn't believe we had lost another one so soon. Again we searched but found nothing. We never saw lovely Georgia again...

Miss you Georgia. xx








Faith - Rainbow Bridge

 Faith - December 2010

Faith was a very poorly girl when we found her. We did everything we could to try and save her but we were just too late...
Faith was only about 4 months old. Wish we had found her sooner.

Sleep well Faith. xx






Jake - Rainbow Bridge

 Jake -  30th March 2011

Little Jake was one of three tiny kittens found in a plastic bag in a rubbish bin. They were only about 10 days old. Jake was the smallest, he was weaker but seemed to be doing ok. Sadly he died three days later...

Sweet dreams Jake. xx 







Talia - Rainbow Bridge

Talia - 21st September 2011

This sweet little girl was only about 6 weeks old. She was very sick; severely malnourished and dehydrated. She had an intestinal infection and did not respond to treatment. We did all we could and Talia fought very hard but sadly she passed away...

Rest in peace sweet Talia. xx




Ruby - Rainbow Bridge

 Ruby - 23rd September 2011

Dear Ruby lost her battle with an awful disease. She underwent an intensive course of treatment but she continued to deteriorate. Sadly we had to let her go ... she was put to sleep at home. Ruby was only 3-4 years old. Such a sweet gentle brave girl. 

Rest easy now Ruby-Doo. xx






Milly - Rainbow Bridge

 Milly - 24th December 2011

Milly was one of four newborns that we found wrapped in a partly burned carpet at the rubbish bins. Somehow they were all still alive. Milly was weak and underdeveloped and struggled to gain weight. Sadly she died a few days later.

Sweet dreams Milly. xx






Ali-Cat - Rainbow BridgeAli-Cat - 25th January 2013

Dear Ali-Cat was disabled. He had neurological problems caused by compression to his spinal cord. He was also incontinent and had health problems relating to this. He underwent spinal surgery in 2011 and we were hopeful that his condition would improve with time, after a long recovery. He was doing well initially but continued to have problems over the following months.

Sadly we lost our dear boy due to complications after being sedated at the vets in January 2013

We had two wonderful years with Ali-Cat. he is much missed and will be forever in our hearts - Run free now Ali. xx



Melina - Rainbow Bridge

 Lady Melina - 20th March 2013

Melina was an elderly lady and was very sick with an infection when she was found. She was not expected to survive. She had other health problems but with lots of love and care Melina spent her last few months as a lady of leisure. This sweet gentle lady passed away in March 2013

Sleep well Melina. xx






Elsa - Rainbow Bridge Elsa - 4th April - 2013

Elsa was a street stray with a severe open infected head wound. The prognosis was not good. Despite a long course of treatment the infection spread and poor Elsa was very sick. We had to let this sweet brave girl go peacefully. Elsa went to sleep in April 2013

Rest in peace Elsa. xx







 Josh - Rainbow BridgeJosh - 7th June - 2013

Such a shock to lose dear Josh. He became very poorly very quickly with an infection and did not respond to treatment. Sadly, he died two days later, he just faded away... Only 2 years old.

Sleep tight dear Joshie. xx





Kit-Kat - Rainbow Bridge

 Kit-Kat - November 2013

Kit-Kat was one of many strays we have been feeding for some time. She was only about 2 years old. Sadly, we found her dead by the side of the road,  it looked like she had been hit by a car.

Sweet dreams Kit-Kat. xx





 Lizzie - Rainbow BridgeLady Lizzie - February 2015

Lizzie was a sweet old girl we found emaciated and close to collapse in 2012. Somehow she pulled through despite various health problems. She spent her last two years taking it easy. She lost her sight over time and became confused and distressed due to dementia. We had to say goodbye and she went peacefully to sleep.

Miss you dear Lizzie. xx




 Happy - Rainbow BridgeHappy - 14th October 2016

Happy was the first Greek stray dog we rescued. He was about 5 years old at the time and had survived a tough life on the streets. He soon became part of the family and was so happy to have found a loving forever home, he had so much love to give. We had many wonderful years with him and it broke our hearts when the time came to say goodbye to our dear friend. We told him we loved him and that we needed him to look after Kerry Ann for us in heaven, she would be waiting for him...

Much love always, 'till we are all together again... xx




4 Puppies - 2016 Rainbow Bridge

 Angelo - Archie - Tyler - Tina - October 2016

These poor puppies (4 of 5) were only a few days old and were found at the rubbish bins. All were very sick with infections. Sadly, they started to fade and died within a couple of days of each other. We did all we could but they were just too sick. It was awful not being able to save them but at least they are at peace now.

Sweet dreams Angelo, Archie, Tyler and Tina. xx


Their sister, Tara, was also very sick. Thankfully she survived and has grown into such a beautiful girl. I'm sure her brothers and sister live on in her...












Mika - Zeta - Rainbow Bridge

 Mika and Zeta - November 2016

Mika and Zeta were two of four newborn puppies that were dumped at the rubbish bins in a plastic bag. They were all alive but were weak and cold to touch. Sadly Mika and Zeta died, we tried but...

Sleep well little ones. Sweet dreams. xx